Install Cartfull Shopper

Only BigCommerce store owners can install Cartfull Shopper on their store.

They may also do so via the normal means of installing an app from the Marketplace .

All new stores will receive a 1 week free trial to use the app.

This app supports multi-users, so you can provide this app to other users in your store to help you manage your active carts. As a store owner, you can grant them permission to use the app and they can load it from there. This is part of the free trial as well.


There is currently no support in the BigCommerce API for fetching all active carts. Because of this, the first time you load this app in your store, you will not immediately see your current active carts.

As those carts are updated in some way, you’ll start to receive notifications and those carts will be stored on this app so they can be fetched later or updated based on what the user does with the cart.