How to Search for and Modify Carts

An important part of any cart monitoring tool is being able to find specific carts. You need powerful filtering tools to help you assess your current carts and navigate to any that may need help. You have a plethora of options to choose from with Cartfull Shopper, including:

  • Status (abandoned, active, stale, etc)
  • Date cart was created or moved to a different status
  • Customers
  • Product
  • Cart ID itself

You can also sort by several options to place your most pertinent carts at the top.

When searching by customers/products or cart IDs, you may add several at once. Filter by multiple customers who have certain products in their cart, or find all carts that contain one of several different products.

Filter Carts in Cartfull Shopper

Now that you’ve found your cart(s)

To help with your customers, you can modify their carts by:

  • adding items
  • taking away items
  • or changing the quantity of any items currently in the cart

This can help prepare a customer to checkout and therefore can help in converting customers.

It’s also very easy for you to modify a cart. Simply click on the delete, edit or add item links. You’ll always be asked to confirm the action you want to take. Your cart will be updated once the action has been updated and reflected in your store.

Modify carts in Cartfull Shopper