How to Checkout Your Customer

If increasing the number of steps lowers your conversion rate - then it making fewer steps will increase your conversion rate.

With Cartfull Shopper you can find and checkout carts for any customers who you know their contact information or they have provided it to your store. The two most important factors in checking out are:

  • The billing address
  • The shipping address

Both are required in order to complete a purchase. Both are made available to you in Cartfull Shopper via simple forms. If the customer already has their contact information added to your store, then you could checkout for them in a couple of steps. Below are a gifs that show the overall process.

Add Billing to Checkout

Multiple Consignments

You may also have a more complicated checkout that requires multiple address and assigning items in that cart to those multiple addresses. Cartfull Shopper can help there too!

gif of making a second consignment Add Consignments to Checkout

Applying Discounts and Coupons

What is also extremely beneficial to you as a store owner is being able to give a specific customer a discount or a coupon. Imagine you have an abandoned cart, but they may be willing to purchase that cart if you can lower the price a bit. Find the cart and lower the price and you’re that much closer to closing a sale.

Add Discount to Checkout