Finding Your Most Valuable Customers

The Active Insights tool at Cartfull Shopper allows you to quickly and easily find your most valuable customers over any date range. Value here is referring to sum of total price of carts these customers have purchased.


All carts in Cartfull Shopper are only made available once you install the application. There is no current way to learn from BigCommerce all past carts.

Depending on the plan you purchase, Cartfull Shopper only retains a limited number of carts. See our pricing to learn more.

Navigate to Active Insights and select your date range. Click Apply and observe the output from “Most Valuable Customers”.

Find Most Valuable Customers

The trick now is what to do with this information. It’s important to understand why they are your most valuable - what products do they buy? How often do they make a purchase?

You can filter for them in the Cart Activity section. Look through carts they have had and what items were in those carts. We also recommend you view their log history - how many steps did they take before making a purchase? Do this across all your customers to so you can see what they have in common. The more you understand these customers and their products, the more you can replicate their behavior to other customers and replicate those products across all your products.

Cartfull Shopper is working on ways to automate this for you to help you truly learn what is driving sales in your store!