Finding Most Ordered Products

The Active Insights tool at Cartfull Shopper allows you to quickly and easily find your most ordered products over any date range.

Navigate to Active Insights and select your date range. Click Apply and observe the output from “Most Ordered Products”.

Find Most Ordered Products

Why should you know what your most ordered products are?

For many reasons:

  1. So you can duplicate their success across your other products. Did you market it differently? Do you have interactive videos showcasing it?
  2. So you can be sure to stay stocked up. You’ll know to watch inventory on these particular products.
  3. Understand your customers better. What kind of customers are you attracting to your store? How can you market to more of them?

Most Abandoned Products?

You can also find your products abandoned the most. Navigate to Abandoned Insights and select your preferred date range. Look for “Most Abandoned Products”. This may tell you

  • what products may be overpriced. Customers look to buy them but are put off by the price
  • the products may have too many negative reviews. Customers learn more about the product and decide not to buy it.

Whatever the case, this knowledge tells you what products to focus on. You can either find ways to improve the product (like making the quality better or lowering the price) OR you may decide it’s not a product worth having in the store. This can save you on costs for managing that product.